What Dompany Do?

K9 Kinetic International (K9KI), a Division of Kinetic International Consulting (KIC), which has an extensive background in Law Enforcement, Industrial Security, Force Protection, Personal Protection, Working Dogs and Humanitarian Demining. Since 1990 K9KIs’ Leadership and Teams have successfully been deployed around the world, in the Middle East, Asia, Africa. Projects completed successfully include task that were funded by the United Nations, US Department of State, US Agency for International Development, and US Department of Defense.
It should be noted that based on initial preliminary observations of Ethiopia’s current ability to provide Optimal Security for its’ Government and Commercial facilities and Ports and Boarders of Entry have weaknesses that can and have been exploited by acts of terrorism and violence against its’ Government and Citizens.
K9KI is a company that can deliver trained and certified patrol/attack and explosive-detection dogs anywhere in Ethiopia, that can Security and Counter-Terrorist Threats.
Since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s, rise to power, there have been increased acts of violence and terrorist attacks and attempts to disrupt the country and his agenda for Ethiopia’s advancement. The use of a properly trained and deployed K9 Teams can deter and help deter these types of incidences.

K9KI has more than thirty (30) years of real-world, relevant experience and knowledge that proves, the effectiveness of well Trained and Deployed Working Dog Teams is one of the Single and Most Reliable Deterrents in the battle against Terrorism, Civil Unrest and other threats to Critical Infrastructure. K9 Kinetics International has proven methods and tactics can be instrumental in enhancing security for both Commercial and Government entities in Ethiopia.

16+Years of Experience
50+Expert Members