K9KI will create a Working Company in Ethiopia that will be Registered and Licensed locally in Ethiopia. The company will be comprised of an International and Local National team, that will provide Contracted Working Dog Services; The Sell and Leasing of Certified Security Working Dogs trained to: Detect Explosives (IEDs/VBIEDs), Explosive Vapors (BBIEDs), Land Mines/UXOs; Patrol Guard Dogs. These dogs can be integrated into any Existing Security Operation, to enhance and support overall Ant-Terrorist Objectives of that program; Whether it is a Government or Commercial organization.

K9KI will establish a Working Dog Business that will operate on the basis of Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, and Honor. We will build Associations with the Ethiopian Government and Commercial Business community. We will maintain a Reputation of Effectiveness, and set a Standard of Professionalism, Efficiency, Quality, and Reliability.

K9 Kinetics International Leadership Experience & Past Performance includes

US Airforce Military Police, Military Working Patrol Dog Handler, 1985-1989 *Honorably Discharged. Served Lackland AFB TX, Kunsan AB Korea, Fairchild AFB WA

Global Training Academy Detector Dog Trainer (EDD, MDD, NDD, Patrol), 1989/1990, 1992/1993, 1994/1995, 1999/2002, 2003/2004. North America, Mexico, Pakistan, Mozambique, Marshal Islands, Eritrea, Iraq, Netherlands, Kuwait Kwajalein Police Dept. Patrol Officer/Emergency Response Team Member, 1990/1992, US Army Missile Range, Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of Marshal Islands ITT/US Army Central Command – Contract Police/Security/K9 Lieutenant, 1995/1999, Kuwait, task and responsibilities:

  •  Enforcement of Laws, Rules and Regulations
  • Protection of US Military Resources, Facilities and Personnel
  • Wrote and Established SOP and Emergency Response Plans
  • Established Certification Standards and Procedures
  • Convoy Leader and Coordinator
  • Provided EDD Support during Desert Fox and Desert Thunder

Diplomatic K9 Detection Services Detector Dog Trainer, Consultant, 2002/2003, Dundee Police Dept. FL, Lakeland Police Dept. FL, Polk County Sheriff Dept. FL, Haines City Police Dept. FL

DynCorp EDD Handler/Trainer/Supervisor, Weapons Removal and Abatement, MDD Technical Advisor, 2002,2003,2005, Qatar, Afghanistan

Critical Intervention Services Anti-Terrorist Officer/Special Services Officer,2005/2006, Pinellas County FL, Hillsborough County FL,

Department of Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Sites Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Administration Passenger Screener, 2006-2007, Orlando International Airport FL

EOD Technology K9 Program Manager, 2007/2009, Afghanistan, task and responsibilities:

  • Established MDD Team Program
  • Trained /Certified EDD Teams
  • Certified /Licensed MDD Teams thru UNMAA • Established Veterinary Clinic
  • Conducted Commercial Mine File
  • Logar Airfield Security and Minefield clearance
  • US Air Force  Security and relocatable housing construction at Bagram Airfield
  •  Adraskan Police Training Center Security and EDD/NDD Team Operations
  • Camp Phoenix  Security and EDD Services, ECP and Camp
  • Kandahar AF Security and EDD Services, ECPs and Cargo Soak Yards

Kinetic International Consulting, LLC President, General Manger, 2009/Present, Afghanistan, North America, Lebanon, Germany, Africa, Asia, Middle East. Task, and responsibilities

The Green Spa Security/Personal Security Detail (PSD), 2008/Present, Afghanistan, Providing Static Security Guards, PSD Team to move personnel in and around Kabul, Vetted, Trained and Licensed personnel to legally carry firearms, trained

AMK9 Site Supervisor/EDD Trainer, 2010/2011, Afghanistan, Task accomplished and responsibilities:

  • Maintained Leased K-9 Teams Proficiency, Health and Welfare
  • Provided logistical support for K-9 Program in Kandahar and personnel traveling to Kabul
  • Business Development and Marketing for expansion of contracts outside of DOD 

Minnesota International Trading Worldwide Country Representative, 2012/2014, Afghanistan o

  • Kandahar AF Customs Clearance and delivery of Military Furniture, Signal Brigade Ditch Witch Drilling and Cabling equipment and vehicles
  • Manufacturing and delivery of portable fuel tankers and black water tanks 

CSI Computer Technologies Personal Security Detail, 2012, Afghanistan, Security Escort and Transportation of company Personnel and VIPs

M-Tech Business Development/Marketing, 2012-2014, Afghanistan, UAE, North America.

  • Kabul Military Training Center Awarded contract to install Switch Gear and transformers
  • Camp Hero, Kandahar AF Awarded Contract to upgrade power plant, also received contract modification to lay power cable and install additional transformers 

Pulau Corporation AFRICAP Proposal Team Member, Multiple IDIQ Requirement, 2014/2017, Africa. Awarded a contract

Projects under development 2014/Present, Africa

  • DP World Port Security in Eritrea and Somaliland
  • Djibouti Assessing opportunity to establish Working Dog Business
  • Ethiopia Finalizing requirements to get licensed to establish a Working Dog Business, Developing opportunity to provide Working Dogs to Ethiopian government and help modernize and integrate their dog program into the police and military, to increase security of the country