Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

kinetic-cost efficiency

 We will provide the qualifications and experience, the property and equipment, and the leadership to provide high quality, efficient and cost-effective, 24/7 services. We believe that our proposals will represent the best value to the Client(s), providing immediate responsiveness and low mitigating mobilization risk, through having assets already in-country, combined with specialized expertise, and a proven track record for successfully meeting requirements in the past with similar challenges anticipated in Ethiopia. We will deliver the highest levels of professional support in a low- risk, cost-effective, compliant and customer-responsive manner. The strength of expertise will extend throughout the K9KI contract organization. All K9KI CWDs and their handlers will be fully qualified to execute their tasks and, constantly retrained throughout the period of work.
“The K9KI WAY”. K9KI’s management plans, policies, and procedures have been developed and codified over our 30+ years of corporate history. It comprises a comprehensive suite of core values policies, practices, SOPs, management plans, and written guidance. Forming the backbone of our operational and administrative methods, the K9KI Way has been refined and validated by many years of work with the DOD, DOS, USAID, and UN. Policy-driven elements of the K9KI Way include:

  1. Safety and Occupational Health: “Safety First”;
  2. Training;
  3. Continuous Improvement; and
  4. cost control and costeffectiveness.

Highly detailed, controlled-format procedures, reviewed and approved in writing by senior management for implementation, embody the accumulation of “best practice” knowledge, reinforced by lessons learned. Our corporate and projectspecific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), together with the Management Plan, form the basis of our response to PWS requirements.


 K9KI HQ management has authority over our Corporate SOPs, while the client’s designated COR will have approval authority over contract-specific SOPs. Corporate policies and SOPs, flowing down to contract SOPs, will apply to all aspects of our work, including support security, finance, accounting, and project and task management. Our methods include codified, integrated systems; plans, instructions, and SOPs; metrics and reports to ensure compliance, promote cost control, and foster continuous improvement. Our Quality Control Plan (QCP) and SOPs will be tailored to contract functions and requirements.  


K9KI’s Management Plan

K9KI will furnish the required Contract Working Dog (CWD) teams, and the required managerial and administrative support to accomplish all required work, 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week at all contract locations. Figure 2-1 provides an example of how we summarize the elements of our Management Plan, which will deliver high quality, low-risk performance within cost and schedule requirements, based on the criteria identified by the Client. K9KI’s proven logistical support capability, in-country assets, and industry-leading safety record gives us the ability to organize for success and mobilize immediately. This capability has been amply demonstrated on relevant projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Mozambique, Eritrea, and Iraq.


Is the foundation of safe, efficient, and cost-effective performance. K9KI develops and implements a dedicated Management Plan for each new contract. Our pre-deployment and pre-Notice to Proceed to mobilization planning will yield realistic, compliant, and experience-based performance, lowering any mobilization risk the Client may face by ensuring the rapid availability of trained dogs and handlers.